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Whitefish council OKs Edgewood, Monegan road projects The Whitefish City Council on Monday unanimously approved a plan to rebuild a stretch of Edgewood Place, the first of two phases in a multimillion-dollar road improvement project funded in part by the city's resort tax. Crews are expected to rebuild Edgewood Place between Colorado Avenue and the eastern edge of the city between July and October this year, then rebuild Texas Avenue from Edgewood to its northern end in 2022. Craig Workman, the city's public works director, presented preliminary plans to the council in February. On Monday, the council granted him permission to solicit bids from construction contractors. "This section of collector roadway is the only means of ingress/egress to and from Whitefish on the north side of the viaduct," Workman wrote in a memo to the council. "The project will involve enhancements to driver and pedestrian safety, stormwater management improvements and water distribution safety upgrades." IN FEBRUARY, the first phase of the project was projected to cost about $2.35 million. Now Workman estimates it will cost about $2.54 million. The bulk of it would be covered by Whitefish's resort tax, while smaller amounts would come from the city's stormwater and water impact fee funds. "It should be noted that the current bidding environment is quite volatile due to shortages in materials and labor," Workman wrote. "The estimate is based on recently bid projects of a similar scale and scope in the Flathead Valley, however project costs have fluctuated considerably this year." The council awarded an engineering contract for the project to Robert Peccia and Associates in September. Workman wrote that city staff have been "working hard with RPA to balance the desires article source of residents to maintain the rural character and quality of the neighborhood with the long-term vision and growth projections for the corridor." The reconstruction of Edgewood Place will involve replacing a 50-year-old water main, adding a sidewalk on the north side of the road, installing street lights and reducing the width of the road from 32 feet to 28 feet. "The reduced width will help to calm traffic, while still providing the necessary space for bicyclists on the roadway," Workman wrote. "It will also help to maintain additional distance between the proposed improvements and the existing homes on the north side of the road." Workman told the council the project will take place in three sections, each of which will be closed for a limited number of days or weeks. "It's a big, big project, and I really appreciate the staff spending so much time helping the people that live there prepare for the change," council member Rebecca Norton said. Norton also highlighted that the project budget includes more than $100,000 for landscape restoration after the roadway is rebuilt. "I think that'll make everybody feel better about the loss of what they perceive as their front yard," she said. THE COUNCIL also approved a resolution authorizing the city to withdraw funds from a state account created by the Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability Act, a 2017 Montana law that raised the state's gas tax to pay for transportation projects. The city will withdraw about $185,000, the full amount available to Whitefish for fiscal 2021, to continue the reconstruction of Monegan Road.

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Subscribe to Security Magazine Findings revealed that organizations are not taking the necessary steps to reduce third-party remote access risk, and are exposing their networks to security and non-compliance risks. As a result, 44% of organizations have experienced a breach within the last 12 months, with 74% saying it was the result of giving too much privileged access to third-parties. “The findings in this report showcase the lack of security, management, and accountability that’s needed to adequately secure third-party remote access, which is very worrying,” commented Joe Devine, CEO of SecureLink. “While recent high profile breaches have done a good job of highlighting the serious risks of unsecure vendor relationships, there is still a lot of work to be done to shift organizations’ mindset when it comes to protecting not only their data, but their customer and partner data too.” While many businesses continue to outsource critical business processes to third-parties, over half of respondents (51%) say their organizations are not assessing the security and privacy practices of all third-parties before granting them access to sensitive and confidential information. The report highlighted that while many organizations view third-party remote access as a security threat, it is not a priority — even despite the increasing volume and sophistication of cyberattacks happening around them. “Providing remote access to third parties without implementing the appropriate security safeguards is almost guaranteeing a security incident and a data breach involving sensitive and confidential information,” said Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of Ponemon Institute. “It is important that organizations assess the security and privacy practices of the third parties that have access to their networks and ensure that they have just enough access to perform their designated responsibilities and nothing more.” The report aims to emphasize the risk at each stage of the typical lifecycle organizations go through when engaging with a third party. Key findings include: Source and select: Reliance on reputation is the most common reason that organizations are not evaluating the privacy and security practices of third-parties, according to 63% of respondents. Intake and score: 61% of respondents say their third-party management program does not define or rank levels of risk. Defining and assessing risk provides insight into the levels of security needed to defend against a breach or hacking attempt. Identity and access management: 54% of respondents say their organizations do not have a comprehensive inventory of all third-parties with access to their network and 65% of organizations have not identified the third-parties with access to the most sensitive data of the organization. Secure connection: 63% say their organization doesn’t have visibility into the level of access and permissions for both internal and external users, leaving organizations in the dark as to who has access to their network, when they are in their network, and why they are in their network. Monitor and assess: 54% of organizations are not monitoring the security and privacy practices of third-parties that they share sensitive or confidential information with on an ongoing basis. Report and manage: 59% of respondents say there is no centralized control over third-parties, and 47% say it’s due to the complexity in third-party relationships. “Organizations need to stop taking a fingers crossed approach to third-party security. The truth is, if you don’t have the right protocols and tools in place, a data breach is likely inevitable,” added Devine.