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Subscribe to Security Magazine Rather visit homepage they are both about continual improvement, which is perhaps why they complement one another so well.” Using enterprise security risk management (ESRM) as starting point can be helpful for enterprise security leaders and organizations as a whole. ESRM can serve as an umbrella to help organizations pinpoint those specific risks defined in the ISO standard and focus on the details that come from ISO, whether ISO 27001 for information security management, ISO 27701 for privacy data management, or any other ISO standard. Implementing ESRM methodology is a particularly helpful way for security professionals to increase success factors when an organization is implementing risk-based ISO standards, says Lisa DuBrock, CPP, managing partner at Radian Compliance. During a presentation given at this year’s GSX+ virtual event, DuBrock and Lynette Rowe, business unit manager at National Quality Assurance tackled the tie in of how ESRM can support organizations in whatever phase of their risk-based ISO standard journey they are on. Rowe identified four ways in which ISO certification supports the principles of ESRM during the presentation: Using ESRM methodology supports the systematic approach to risk-based thinking. It ensures that risk of each process and each activity is considered when establishing, implementing and maintaining a management system. Risks are very explicit in ISO and using ESRM methodology can help leaders identify those risks. Risk-based thinking such as ESRM ensures risk is considered from the beginning and throughout: this means during the assessment analysis process, along with the monitoring and evaluation process. ESRM makes preventative action part of strategic and operational planning. With ISO 27001 and 27701, these standards address specific risks to an organization, in this case having to do with information security and privacy management. ESRM can help aid organizations in identifying those details and pinpointing those risks specific to the ISO standard. In other words, ESRM methodology can help an organization increase the success of its risk mitigation by properly assessing, communicating about, and following through on risks unique to each organization. Taking a strategic approach to risk allows an organization to find risk and move forward to increase resiliency, ensure business continuity and mitigate risks as they come about. And perhaps that’s one of the most important lessons that DuBrock and Rowe addressed during their webinar: the fact that ESRM, along with ISO standards, are not finite, end goals for an organization. Rather they are both about continual improvement at their cores, which is perhaps why they complement one another so well. “ISO gives you a baseline to determine how to mitigate your risks.

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The CEO of Noble Health Corporation at Noble Health Audrain Community Hospital on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 in Mexico, Mo. Amy O’Brien is new to the position, having begun in February. For just over 12 years, Dana Keller has been the Executive Director for the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce, taking on the position prior to the acquisition of the hospital by SSM Health in 2013. Her experience with the facility comes not only as a patient, but also as a representative for the rest of the town. “It just seemed that SSM was a little bit less willing to engage in the community, from a corporate level, and less interested in the things that we thought we click this over here now could do to help them,” Keller said. “A lot of services were cut, a lot of things were done that were kind of contrary to what we wanted in the hospital.” A former SSM Health flyer lays beside a Noble Health paper in the Audrain Community Hospital  administrative office on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 in Mexico, Mo. The administrative staff is in the process of removing the old company’s flyers from their desks. Ashley Arens, director of surgical services, has been with the hospital for 5 years and started on labor and delivery. Arens was one of the last women to give birth at Audrain Community Hospital when her daughter was born in February 2019. The hospital’s OB-GYN was closed shortly after, and the labor and delivery unit went with it. It is a goal of the hospital administration to have these units return in the future. “I’d love to see that come back, especially for the community. To make a pregnant woman drive 45 minutes or more to Columbia, Boone, Hannibal, wherever they may be, it’s just so scary to me that they may not make it,” she said. “I know that that is one of the main concerns that the community wants to see come back.” These challenges are not isolated to Noble Health Audrain Community Hospital. According to the American Hospital Association, the average travel time to reach an acute care facility for Americans living in rural areas is 34 minutes by car. The hospital hopes to benefit the community in a number of ways but time-saving is one that will be of the most apparent. “It takes a lot of time to drive to Columbia, so time back to the community,” Kristi Mongler, who works in the hospital’s Risk and Regulatory Management department, said. “I mean, it’ll take 4 hours out of your day just to have a doctor’s appointment.” Rural areas experience a rate of just 68 primary care physicians per 100,000 people, while urban areas experience a rate of 84 primary care physicians per 100,000 people. This disparity can lead to staffing issues at many rural hospitals that other hospitals do not face. Physicians coming out of training tend to look for a lighter workload that doesn’t generally come with working at a rural hospital. “Trying to wrap your head around being on call every other night or five nights a week, that sounds really difficult,” O’Brien said.