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Complying With Evolving Automotive Safety Standards An in-depth knowledge of the evolving standards landscape is a first step for automakers and their suppliers; there are many new standards that automotive suppliers and OEMs need to keep in mind. A vehicle coming off the assembly line today is a marvel of technological innovation, though much of it remains unseen by consumers. That’s because a typical car can have as many as 100 million lines of software code and upwards of 100 electronic control units. While advanced technologies enable our vehicles to do more today than we could have imagined a few decades ago, they can also cause more safety issues if not developed properly. Increasingly, automotive technology developers are designing safety and security into their products, guided by a growing number of specific standards. This has always been true in automotive design and lifecycle management. But as cars become smarter and more autonomous, safety requirements and standards are evolving. As new autonomy levels become closer to reality and enhanced 5G connectivity is upon us, 2021 is a pivotal year in the automotive standards world. An in-depth knowledge of the evolving standards landscape is a first step for automakers and their suppliers; there are many new standards that automotive suppliers and OEMs need to keep in mind. For example, ISO 26262 Road vehicles – Functional safety is gaining traction and provides an international standard that mandates a functional safety development process from specification through production release. The soon-to-be-released ISO/SAE 21434 provides the automotive industry with the first standard addressing cybersecurity in vehicles. Building upon SAE J3061, ISO/SAE 21434 sets a cybersecurity framework for road vehicles’ entire lifecycles, addressing risk management, security management, continuous cybersecurity activities, incident response, cybersecurity within the concept, product development and post-development stages of road vehicles, as well as vehicle software vulnerability lifecycle management. Finally, due to the increased use of open-source software components in automotive systems, automotive organizations need to be aware of, and manage, the included open-source licenses. ISO/IEC 5230:2020 , which provides requirements for establishing an open-source license compliance program, would serve to build trust between organizations exchanging software. Assessing Risk With the ISO 26262 ASIL System OEMs and suppliers follow and document a functional automotive safety development process that covers specification through production release to comply with the regulations. The standard explains what to evaluate based on risk assessments that could impact the safety of the car and how this affects the system and its components, including the SoC and IP. The process is based on Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASILs) , a risk classification system, and the objective is to reduce potential hazards caused by electrical and electronic system malfunctions. This process of determining threats and assessing risk is one of the most challenging, as threat homepage actors do not follow prescribed methods of attacks; most build on the work of others or look for novel methods of compromising safety-critical systems.


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A delayed diagnosis could mean longer periods of untreated inflammation, which also increases risk for complications, such as strictures (areas where the bowel narrows due to scarring) fistulas (a passage between organs or nearby tissues that isn’t normally there) abscesses (an infection that may result in a fistula if not treated) One study looked at people receiving health care who had two symptoms suggestive of IBD : iron deficiency anemia (a low red blood count) and diarrhea. The researchers found that certain groups were less likely to receive an appropriate workup to find out why they had these particular symptoms. Those who were Black or publicly insured were less likely to receive the appropriate workup, compared with those who were white or privately insured. These findings further support the hypothesis that IBD might be underrecognized in minority populations. What do we currently know about health disparities in IBD? Preventable differences — called health disparities — in health and well-being are seen among people with inflammatory bowel disease. These disparities may be due to a range of factors affecting certain groups, including inequities in the social determinants of health, unconscious biases of medical providers, barriers to care, and differences in the complex genetic and environmental driving forces of IBD that haven’t been sufficiently studied. Black patients who have IBD experience higher rates of emergency department use — and, in one study , higher rates of hospitalization, possibly because they are less likely to receive regular care from a gastroenterology specialist. Further, while the hospitalization rate in white patients with IBD has decreased, it remains unchanged for Black patients. Additional research shows that Black patients with Crohn’s disease are less likely to be in remission, more likely to undergo surgery, and more likely to experience complications after surgery. Socioeconomic status matters, too: lower income is linked with a higher risk of severe disease, IBD-related hospitalizations, ICU stays, and death . Another study reports that approximately 14% of Americans with IBD are food insecure . Further, it links food insecurity with inability to take prescribed medications because of cost and difficulty paying medical bills. What symptoms may be signs of inflammatory bowel disease? A variety of symptoms may be signs of inflammatory bowel disease: Blood in your stool, and urgency and increased frequency of bowel movements, may be signs of ulcerative colitis. Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, blood in your stool, and diarrhea may be signs of Crohn’s disease.